Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The One Man Show

So I'm sitting here thinking about the last year of my life. And how a huge portion of it was a lie. I was living in someone's sick, twisted fantasy world and it messed with so many aspects of my life.

Here's a breakdown of what happened.

[Before we begin, I realize that this is probably going to be typo-filled. This is more of a from-the-heart blog. I'm not going to go back and check for grammar problems. Also, this is incredibly condensed. There are tons and tons of other creepy details that go along with this. But this will suffice.]

End of November 2008:
Cute guy follows me on Twitter. We start talking.

December 2008:
We get super, super close. He goes to London for Christmas but we email while he's there.

End of January / Early February:
His parents get separated. He blames himself. Gets super sad. His mom moves to London. Also, i fall hardcore in love with him sometime during this time frame.

February 2009:
This boy has an ex-girlfriend, since he's bi. Well, his ex-girlfriend's mom died due to a brain aneurism. So they start spending a lot of time together.

Early March 2009:
We have a huge fight and things end. He, along with his now-no-longer-an-ex girlfriend, pick up and move to London to be with his mom.

April - June 2009:

July 2009:

August 2009:
He returns. Follows me on Tumblr and acts like everything is cool with us. Life goes back to normal. Lovey dovey. Cute. It's awesome.

Day before my 20th birthday [August 31st]:
Random dude from his photography class shows up. Flirts with him hardcore over Twitter. Intense, intense flirting. Shows up at his job. Buys him stuff. Takes him to dinner.

My Birthday:

Mid-September 2009:
He decides I'm too jealous and goes on a date with this dude just to spite me. Ouch. More heartbreak.

Early October:
His photography internship is taking a trip to Greece. He really wants to go. His dad says no.

His birthday. 2 days after, his father finds out he's gay and beats the "gay" out of him. He leaves to go stay with his little flirty-friend.

Few days later:
His mom overrides his dad's ruling on the situation and decides he's allowed to go to Greece. Picks up a few days later and leaves.

Day before he leaves for Greece:
Gets rotten texts from a bunch of his friends, including the one who really liked him and flirted with him like it was his job. Texts saying he deserves to be beaten and that he's a piece of shit. Depression ensues.

While in Greece:
We talk a little less. He's busy taking pictures. Having fun.

He goes to some huge party and gets wasted. Gets more mean texts from friends.

A few days later:
A Twitter friend comes to visit me. We have an awesome weekend. I don't hear from him the entire time she's here.

Day after Twitter-friend leaves:
He returns. Says he was in the hospital all weekend because he tried to kill himself. Breaks me a little. A lot, actually. Spend the next few days trying really hard to make him feel better. Left work early a bunch of days. Was, in essence, a big mess.

November 12, 2009:
Search Flickr for pictures to make him feel better. Find a picture of a guy that looks JUST like him. Click the link to this guys account, stop breathing. Scroll through 120 pages of pictures trying to find answers. Get nothing. The guy I was in love with was fake. And there was the proof. All the pictures I had seen of him were taken from this account.

November 13, 2009:
Confront him. Get a bunch of bullshit. A bunch of lies. A big mess of, "I'm so sorry I lied! But I really loved you!" BLAHBLAHBLAH.

Find out the person who was pretending to be him was actually the Twitter friend that came to visit me. Confront her, she lies to my face. Doesn't really surprise me. She lied to me for the past year. What's one or two more days, right?

Change Twitter name. Change phone number. Erase most contact with the world.